Check Out This Real Estate Trends | Sunset Realty Services

Check Out This Real Estate Trends | Sunset Realty Services
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There comes a time in almost everyone’s life when they realize that their current home no longer suits their needs. It may be too big, too small, too old, or too far from work. Whatever the reason, now is the time to sell! And while finding the perfect home to move to maybe easy, selling the old one isn’t always so, especially when your home isn’t following the latest trends! Following these tips on what’s hot (and of course, what’s not) in the real estate market, however, will keep you on track to sell your current home and get you into one of your dreams: and Sunset Realty can help with all your Branson real estate needs!

Home Costs are Going Up

Pricing your house correctly will help in purchasing the next one; the downside is you may have to be patient. Higher prices mean slower sales, so if you’re in a hurry to get out, pricing your house a bit below market may help. A lower initial price may also start a bidding war, awarding you a higher payout. (Bidding wars are hot right now!)

Neutral Colors are on the Way Out

Anyone who watches the home shows may have noticed a trend towards color. Gone are the boring whites and subtle grays, while lighter shades of green and apricot are moving to the forefront. Today’s buyers aren’t afraid of color, and if your home’s décor is already in any of the popular colors, you’re ahead of the game!

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Are your light bulbs incandescent? Is your television just a television? Does your bathroom mirror ONLY show your reflection? If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, your home is definitely on the NOT hot list! Smart light bulbs, smart appliances, even smart mirrors that let you check your social network sites and daily calendar before you are dressed for the day are the latest trends destined to make your house hot once more!

Sustainability is Key

In a world that is rapidly being depleted of its natural resources, sustainability is key to ensuring our children’s children will have a world worth living in, and if you offer a home that is green, buyers will flock to your door. For example, bamboo can grow nearly three feet in 24 hours, while oak trees take a year to grow one foot; both can be made into flooring that is stylish and durable, but bamboo does less harm to the environment.

Sunset Realty Services Has the Answers to Branson Real Estate

Obviously, these tips are just the tip of the iceberg. Give our Licensed Realtors a call today and let’s discuss what we can do to make your home the most desirable one on the Multiple Listing Service!

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