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How to Spot a Home with Good Bones

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Date: Wed, May 8th 2019 12:57 pm

The housing market is once again skyrocketing, and nowhere is that more evident than in the neighborhoods and communities that make up our hometown of Branson. The bad news is it can take more money to get less house, but the good news is there are still some very excellent deals to be had; you just need to learn to look beyond the cosmetic issues and determine if the property has good bones. When it’s time to start the hunt for your next house, be it a personal residence or an abode you’re planning on renting out for profit, we have a few tips on how to determine if your prospective property has the good bones necessary to get you the deal of the decade.

Curb Appeal or Appall?

When you first drive up to the house, you must look past peeling paint, falling shutters, and patchy grass. Does the house appear to lean or have rotten wood on the flashing? Is the roof missing shingles, or are there any cracks that show up on the walls of the home? If you answered no to all three of those questions, this home has passed the first good bones test!

Functional Floorplan?

As you pass through the front door, ignore dingy walls, ragged and dirty carpets, and even cluttered rooms. The important items to take note of include windows, layout, and size of the rooms. Are there enough windows to keep the house light and bright? Does the floorplan make sense? And are the rooms large enough to be comfortable and fit all your furniture? Your affirmative answers mean this house is looking better and better. Another important factor in a home with good bones is the number of bathrooms it contains; having two or more is an excellent aspect, but if there’s only one, unless you’re looking at a one-bedroom condo you should probably pass.

Ask the Branson Experts

If you have gotten this far, chances are you have found a house with good bones, but there’s one more major test, and this one should probably be performed by experts. The most expensive fixes that can harm your deal involve plumbing and electrical. If the home has good pipes, the fixtures are sound, and the electric is updated and in good shape, you can relax and put in an offer; this shabby shack has the good bones necessary to be the home of your dreams!

Still Confused?

It can be difficult to look past the cosmetic issues of a home, no matter how hard you try, but our Branson real estate experts are trained to see the good bones that lie beneath the outer mess. Give us a call today and we’ll help you find the best deal for your new home!