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Branson Real Estate | How to Increase the Property Value of Your Home

Fri, Jun 15th 2018 6:04 pm by bizcor bizcor Blog

Change is a natural part of life, and even if it doesn’t make us feel very comfortable at times, it is important to our growth to accept and adapt and even grow to love the things that are changing in our lives. Babies are born, our grown children move away, starter jobs are begun and then ended as bigger and better opportunities come along, and sometimes as we grow to accept our empty nest ways, the baby bird returns back to the nest. Change is all around us, and our homes reflect the need for change the most. Whether your house has suddenly become too small, too expensive, or even too big, your property values can help determine when it’s time to change your lifestyle and purchase a new...

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Branson Pizza | Best Pizza Restaurants in Branson | Sunset Realty

Fri, Jun 1st 2018 12:42 pm by bizcor bizcor Blog

Moving to a new place can be a hard adjustment. You love your new home, neighborhood, and the neighbors you are slowly coming to know, but you miss the comfort and convenience of knowing how to accomplish standard everyday activities quickly and easy. Finding new doctors (especially if you’re new to the state), discovering which grocery store offers the best deals and the freshest produce, even having to learn where to get the best Branson pizza in town can be stressful! Pizza is a very important meal in a family’s life, and when done wrong, can put a pall on the best days. Luckily, Sunset Realty Services is here to ensure that all your days are good ones—at least as far as pizza goes! He...

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Branson Commercial Property | 3 Reasons for Owning a Commercial Property

Fri, May 18th 2018 11:50 am by bizcor bizcor Blog

When we were younger, investing in our future was not something we considered. We all knew we were going to live forever, and of course, our career choice was going to ensure that we could live in style and comfort in our golden years, so why worry? As we age, however, we soon learn that life doesn’t hand us a golden retirement; we have to earn it with a lot of hard work, sweat, and upon occasion, tears! Not all investments pan out, and it can sometimes be difficult to spot the diamond in the rough. Fortunately, investing in a Branson commercial property is one of the safer investment strategies you can make, and here is a list of three reasons why that is so! 

Our Future is Bright 


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Home Soundproofing | Top 5 Benefits of Soundproofing Your Home

Tue, May 8th 2018 2:16 pm by bizcor bizcor Blog

Anyone who has ever spent any time living in an apartment or condo truly understands the benefits of home soundproofing. Months or years spent hearing the everyday details of every argument, accident, and the occasional intimate moment are constant reminders of its importance. Interestingly enough, we don’t tend to think of soundproofing our homes, even though the same issues can arise—especially in the newer homes that are built so close together you can shake your neighbor’s hand while using your own bathroom. More houses per square foot equals more income potential for builders and less opportunity for privacy and quiet for the homeowners!

Your Daughter’s Drum Set

We want our childre...

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Branson Memorial Day | How to Spend Memorial Day in Branson | Sunset Realty

Tue, May 8th 2018 2:07 pm by bizcor bizcor Holidays in Branson

Memorial Day is a day meant to be spent with family. Signifying the start of summer vacation and, more importantly, paying homage to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country, this holiday is special to all Americans. For many years you have had a tendency to just stay home and catch up on some much-needed sleep, but this year you want to do something different. This year you have decided that a family vacation should be planned, and that trip should be to one of America’s biggest small towns, our hometown of Branson! Here’s a list of some of our favorite ways to spend Branson Memorial Day—enjoy!


Some of the best sales can be found on Memorial Day, and Tanger Outl...

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Homes in Branson MO | How to Add Curb Appeal to Your Branson Home

Thu, Apr 26th 2018 7:18 pm by bizcor bizcor Commercial Real Estate

Although we spend a lot of time and attention on the interior of our homes and even in the backyards, we tend to ignore the most viewed area of our little kingdoms: the front yard. This is the only space that everyone sees—from strangers rolling down the street to our neighbors that surround us to the many service people who bring our mail or drop off packages—and if its unappealing to them, can you imagine what potential buyers may think? Spring is the season when our thoughts lightly turn to moving, and if your house is going to be one of the hundreds of homes in Branson MO that will be offered for sale, these tips on how to add curb appeal could be the difference between a top dollar o...

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Houses in Branson MO | Top Reasons for Moving to Branson | Sunset Realty

Thu, Apr 12th 2018 4:42 pm by bizcor bizcor Branson Homes and Real Estate

Sometimes we tend to stay in situations that are less than perfect because that it is the easy thing to do. The fear of moving into a worse situation can be far stronger than the need to make a change. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with the house you live in, the job you are working at, or even the schools your kids are attending; they are just bland and boring. 
Well, we think it’s time to shake things up a bit, to step out of your comfort zone and get out there and try something new. We think it’s time to stop dreaming about it and make the big move to Branson, Missouri! You know we’re right, but in case you need some extra convincing, we have compiled this list of the top reasons for ...

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Branson Foreclosures for Sale | 5 Tips for Buying Foreclosed Homes

Tue, Apr 10th 2018 1:57 pm by bizcor bizcor Branson Homes and Real Estate

Endeavoring to purchase any home comes with certain challenges. This is especially true of Branson foreclosures for sale, but this process is unlike any other. There are certain aspects of this process that provide advantages, but there are also certain things you should look out for. At any rate, it is good to keep a few things in mind when you are looking to buy a foreclosed home. The following are five tips that will aid you in this endeavor.

Find the Right Real Estate Broker 

Regardless of the specifics of the home-buying process, having a good real estate broker is the most important step. You want someone with a good reputation among people they have worked with in the past and so...

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Branson Homes | 5 Tips to Turn a House Into a Home | Sunset Reality

Tue, Mar 27th 2018 10:40 pm by bizcor bizcor Residential Real Estate

 If you have ever walked into a friend’s house and immediately felt welcomed and at home, you may already know the difference between a house and a home. A house can be impeccably decorated and sparkling clean, but still feel sterile and even inhospitable, while a home may have chipped paint, toys on the floor, and windows that are smudged by the fingers and noses of children and pets but will still make you want to stay for another cup of coffee or another 15 minutes of conversation. Because we make Branson homes our business, we’ve compiled this list of tips to help you create the welcoming home of your dreams.

Matchy-Matchy Feels Sterile and Unimaginative

Yes, it is easier to buy the...

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Branson Realty | Pros and Cons of Selling Your Home As Is | Sunset Realty

Fri, Mar 16th 2018 8:29 pm by bizcor bizcor Residential Real Estate

The prospect of selling your home often comes with many questions like, “What kind of repairs should we make before we sell?” or “Who is the best realtor for the job?” and so on. Many people choose to forgo any improvements and/or repairs and simply sell the home as is. This means that you are selling the home in its current state with no obligations to fix any problems or make any improvements after the home has been sold. It is important to understand that you still must be transparent with prospective buyers regarding any issues that exist within your Branson realty. With that being said, here are a two of the pros and cons of selling your home as is.

Pro: Avoid Many of the Stressors ...

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The Best Home Staging Checklist

Tue, Mar 6th 2018 5:55 pm by bizcor bizcor Branson Homes and Real Estate

The process of selling a house can be daunting when it is your own home and you have so much of yourself put into it. You worked hard to create a home that is comfortable and pleasing to the eye, and the idea that people will say something negative about it can bring a lot of grief. Our first rule for homeowners is “Don’t take anything personally!” Every individual walking through your home has their own idea of what is beautiful, and most of those ideas will not jive with your own ideas! To take some of the anxiety out of the ordeal, however, we at Sunset Realty Services have provided this home staging checklist, filled with ideas that will help sell your home quickly and as painlessly a...

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Getting Your Home Ready for Spring

Wed, Feb 7th 2018 5:16 pm by bizcor bizcor Branson Homes and Real Estate

If you are looking through the windows of your Branson home, it may be difficult to see, but according to the calendar, spring is just around the corner. Underneath that blanket of snow, the buds of your summer flowers are preparing to push through the ground, the gray sky is waiting to turn blue, and warmer temperatures are only weeks away. Knowing that spring is so close, its time to take care of some of the things you have been putting off all winter. We’ve compiled this to-do list to help your home be at its best in the new season!

Spring is for Painting

If you weren’t able to get to it in the fall, spring is also a good time to change the color of the exterior of your home. Take a ...

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Top Ways to Improve Your Home as a Vacation Rental

Fri, Feb 2nd 2018 7:46 pm by bizcor bizcor Branson Homes and Real Estate

Well, you’ve finally done it: After years of dreaming, you have purchased the home that is going to pave the way to a profitable retirement. If done correctly, this home will allow you to live comfortably after retiring, but how can you be sure you’re doing it correctly? You’ve made the right first step, turning to Sunset Realty Services for guidance on turning your new investment property into a successful vacation rental for all the tourists who find their way to Branson every year; now all you need to do is keep reading to discover the top ways to improve your home as a vacation rental!

Location Matters

Congratulations, you’ve passed the first hurdle of location. Tourism in Branson i...

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Why Choose Sunset Realty Services for Your Branson Area Real Estate Needs

Thu, Jan 25th 2018 2:36 pm by bizcor bizcor Residential Real Estate

Whether you are making a big move from across the country or have simply decided that your current Branson home no longer meets your needs, this is the time of the year that many people start considering their real estate options. Buying a new house is a big deal for most of us; this may very well be the largest investment you have ever made, and you want to get it right! This is where Sunset Realty Services comes into play. With decades of experience in real estate, many of those years occurring right here in Branson, our company offers insight, knowledge, and a personal touch that makes your house hunting experience a happy one! 

Everyone’s Schedule is Different 

The Monday through Fr...

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Why You Should Spend New Year’s Eve in Branson

Mon, Jan 8th 2018 1:49 pm by bizcor bizcor Branson Things to Do

Hey, we get it. 2017 has certainly been a rough year for many of us. Maybe you’ve got some family stresses or money issues; maybe you don’t like politics and have come to the realization that it’s becoming harder and harder to escape the conversations; or maybe, just maybe, you’re a Cleveland Browns fan and well… you know how that goes. 

But regardless of what’s happened over the past 12 months, there’s good news ahead: 2018 is almost here! A time of renewal, of resolutions, to start fresh! If you’re someone who is looking to start 2018 off on the right foot, why not spend New Year's Eve in Branson, MO! With a plethora of events going on in the city for New Year’s Eve, there is certainly...

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Home Care Tips to Make Sure your Home Stays in Good Shape Through the Branson MO Winter

Mon, Dec 18th 2017 2:51 pm by bizcor bizcor Boat Slips for Sale

 As the weather gets hazy and the nights get cold, taking care of your home is never more important. Winter is a harsh month on your home and you need to make sure that you are keeping up your most important property. Here are some of the top home care tips to make sure your home stays in tip top shape during the Branson MO winter months.

Tune Up Your Heater During the Branson MO Winter

For about $80 to $100, a technician will inspect your furnace or heat pump to be sure the system is clean and in good repair, and that it can achieve its manufacturer-rated efficiency. The inspection also measures carbon-monoxide leakage. If you act soon, you'll minimize the chance of being 200th in line...

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Top Seasonal Branson MO Activities

Mon, Dec 11th 2017 2:43 pm by bizcor bizcor Branson Things to Do

The holidays are some of the most magical times of the year. Whether its Thanksgiving that brings families together to give thanks for everything throughout the year or ringing in the new year together, you are sure to have a great time. No matter what holidays you celebrate, Branson is hands down the best place to be during the holiday season. Check out some of these top seasonal Branson MO activities.

An Old Time Christmas at Silver Dollar City 

Surround yourself with over six million Christmas lights, over 40 rides and attractions, two Broadway-caliber shows, and so much more. New to the Branson Old Time Christmas is Christmas in Midtown, the largest lighting display at the theme par...

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The Top Branson Shows

Mon, Dec 11th 2017 2:30 pm by bizcor bizcor Branson Shows and Attractions

A visit to Branson may mean different things to different people. One may go for the natural Ozarks landscape with trees that “dress” for the seasons, another may go to just get away from it all with a fishing pole and a boat in the middle of the lake, and still others may be deciding to start fresh in the book of their life by planning on making the big move to our favorite mountain village. The reasons are varied, but the one common trait that brings all our guests together is the opportunity to see a really wonderful show! The shows are wonderful here in Branson, from the simplest performances of your favorite stars to the grandest extravaganzas featuring flashy costumes, glitzy lights...

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Top Spots for Pizza in Branson MO

Tue, Nov 21st 2017 6:51 pm by bizcor bizcor Local Favorites

Pizza is one of the best “go to” culinary delights anytime you’re on vacation. And when you’re visiting Branson and the surrounding areas, you’ll have plenty of delicious options from which to choose. Here’s a look at some of our favorite spots for pizza in Branson MO:


Hook and Ladder Pizza Co.


You’ll love this unique pizza place—and as its name says, it’s all about firefighters and pizza. “Extinguish Your Hunger” is the slogan, and with its tasty menu items, it’ll be done in a flash! The restaurant’s firehouse theme offers hand-tossed pies made with quality ingredients.


26 Downing Street

Hollister, MO



Pizza By The Chef


This establishment offers some o...

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Thanksgiving In Branson, Missouri

Mon, Nov 20th 2017 3:30 pm by bizcor bizcor News and Announcements

It’s that time of year when we all begin to count our blessings, but if you have just moved to the Branson area and all your friends and family live elsewhere, you may start feeling a little blue. Your immediate family is definitely a blessing, but it’s always difficult starting over, so we’ve compiled this list of  activities that will help you feel a part of your new neighborhood during Thanksgiving in Branson. If you’re considering moving during this most wonderful time of year, let us welcome you to the neighborhood and perhaps we will find the house of your dreams!

Start Thanksgiving in Branson with a Brisk Walk Through the Woods

There may still be boxes waiting to be unpacked and ...

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