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How to Keep Your Home in Tip-Top Condition During the Branson Summer

Fri, Apr 28th 2017 7:26 pm by bizcor bizcor Branson Homes and Real Estate

If you’re like us, knowing summer is just around the corner gives you a thrill, as you picture days that begin early and end late, vacations in exotic places, barbecues on the weekends, and long expanses of time spent doing absolutely nothing. Nothing is more satisfying than an afternoon nap on an outdoor swing, feeling the breeze on your cheeks and listening to the merry chirps of the birds that make their homes in your trees as you slowly drift off to sleep. Life is better during the Branson summer, but if you’re a homeowner, there are some added responsibilities that you may have to take care of before you start doing nothing; we’re here to help you get those chores out of the way!


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5 Reasons Why Buying a Golf Course Home Might Be Your Best Decision Yet

Fri, Apr 7th 2017 12:00 pm by bizcor bizcor Branson Homes and Real Estate

Living in a Branson golf course home represents the perfect balance between natural and man-made beauty, with homebuyers being able to enjoy not only the exquisite beauty of living in the Ozarks, but the pristine conditions of a well-maintained golf course as well. Regardless of whether golf is your most favorite sport or you have no interest in playing golf, you may just fall in love with a golf course home in the beauty of Branson for one or all of a number of reasons.

Stunning Views

One of the main draws of living on a golf course is that the course can serve as an extension of your own backyard visually, with tranquil views of rolling hills, water features, and wide expanses of unin...

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The Top 5 Reasons Living in Branson is an Excellent Decision

Tue, Mar 28th 2017 7:49 pm by bizcor bizcor Branson Homes and Real Estate

Enjoying both a small-town atmosphere and big city-style entertainment, there’s a reason that Branson, Missouri is not only the entertainment capital of the Midwest, but also a fantastic place to live. Below, we’ve listed just a handful of the greatest reasons to living in Branson MO is the best decision. Read on to learn more!

The Gorgeous Natural Setting

Immersed in the tranquility of the Ozarks, people living in Branson MO will notice right away that the area is surrounded in lush forests and striking mountain peaks, in addition to its many rivers and lakes. Branson experiences all four seasons, and it’s a particularly beautiful sight to see the leaves change during autumn.

The Lo...

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Branson, Missouri – A Fun Community for All Ages

Tue, Mar 21st 2017 2:36 pm by bizcor bizcor Branson Things to Do

While Branson is a common vacation destination for families, you only get a brief snapshot of what life is like here when you stop by on a trip, and often not a full picture of the fun times to be had when you actually settle down in Branson.


In spite of its lively entertainment culture, Branson is a wonderful place to raise a family; it’s kind of like Hollywood, only with wholesome, Midwestern family values. From the picturesque beauty of the Ozarks to the variety of activities that you can do on a daily basis, Branson is the perfect place for families to set down their roots.


What Makes Branson a Wonderful and Family-Friendly Place to Live


First thing’s first: consider the...

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City Spotlight: Kissee Mills, MO

Fri, Mar 10th 2017 12:00 pm by bizcor bizcor Branson Homes and Real Estate

Located just five minutes away from Forsyth and twenty to thirty minutes east of Branson, the charming town of Kissee Mills, Missouri has citizens who work primarily in agrarian and agricultural industries. Kissee Mills’ environment is comprised of gorgeous natural scenery and a quaint, rustic ambiance. With a population of a little over one thousand people, Kissee Mills is ideal for homebuyers searching for a tight-knit community and a small town atmosphere in the midst of the scenic splendor of the Ozarks.

Why Kissee Mills May Be the Perfect Place to Buy a Home

This serene and quiet town is situated within easy driving distance of Branson’s fun-filled excitement and entertainment, as ...

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Purchase a Branson Golf Property

Mon, Mar 6th 2017 5:15 pm by bizcor bizcor Branson Homes and Real Estate

Are you a golf enthusiast? Perfect! Sunset Realty has all the reasons why buying a home with Branson golf property is a phenomenal idea. Take a minute to find out why below!

Beautiful Views

Choosing to live in a home where you can access a golf course will provide with you some of the most beautiful views. That includes views of Table Rock Lake, panoramic views of the fairway and green, the Missouri Ozarks, caves, and more! The beauty will inspire your enjoyment of the sport just as much as the game.

Private and Gated Golf Community

Certain residential communities offer homeowners a private golf course on site. This is perfect for golf enthusiasts. As a resident, you can conveniently ...

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5 Reasons to Invest in Branson Villas

Fri, Feb 24th 2017 5:35 pm by bizcor bizcor Commercial Real Estate

Considering a move to the Branson area? You’re not alone! Branson real estate has gained much popularity over the last few years, as the city is friendly for both families and singles alike. Read on for five great reasons why investing in Branson villas is a great decision!




Branson villas for sale includes a home in the Branson Creek Resort area in Hollister, MO. This comfortable home is a prime example of why buying a villa in Branson will be one of the best decision to make this year. The villa includes vaulted ceilings that open up the space so you have plenty of room to relax and breath. You can dish up homemade meals for your loved ones from a gorgeous kitchen wit...

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Exploring the Ozarks with these Ozark Attractions

Tue, Feb 21st 2017 11:50 am by bizcor bizcor Branson Things to Do

The Missouri Ozarks are an integral part of the Branson, Missouri experience. The lush forestry, biodiversity, and available activities make this landmark valuable beyond measure. For more ideas on Ozark attractions and how to enjoy the natural beauty of the Ozarks, see our following list of attractions found in the Ozarks.

Floating in the Black River

On the Black River, guests can canoe, kayak, or tube down the river and enjoy a breathtaking scene of the Ozarks. The scenic float includes sites of crystal clear water, wooded forests, green meadows, caves, fern greenery, and winding cliff walls. The Black River will truly provide a magical experience for all nature lovers.

Ozark Horse R...

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High Quality Reduced Price Real Estate in Branson

Fri, Feb 10th 2017 6:45 pm by bizcor bizcor Branson Homes and Real Estate

Looking for a home can be a daunting experience, especially when taking into account all of the finances. Sunset Realty would like to make this process easier for you by featuring some of our reduced real estate homes for sale right now. Take a look at these lovely homes located beautifully in the natural landscape of the Ozark Mountains. We want to assure you that great housing can come at a great price!


Grandview by the Lake – 112 Grand Ridge – Branson, MO 65616


The rustic home is a 7,000-sq. ft., lodge-style property located in the heart of the Ozarks in the Taney area. The three-story home boasts five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and multiple living areas that include decks, p...

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Things to Know About Branson, MO

Fri, Feb 3rd 2017 5:15 pm by bizcor bizcor News and Announcements

Moving to Branson is an adventure waiting to happen. Branson has a rich culture, attractions and a great landscape to explore. Before you arrive, here are some fun facts about Branson, MO!

Silver Dollar City

Branson, MO is home to Silver Dollar City, a theme park and artisan community famous for its exquisite wood carvings, pottery, candy makers, glassblowers, blacksmiths, and more. You will find hand-made goods not found anywhere else, as well as food and festivals that highlight Missouri culture. Silver Dollar City is also great for families and kids of all ages!

The Outlaw Run

Did you know that Branson is home to the first and only wooden roller coaster with thrilling upside down t...

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Home Spotlight: 280 Tina Street #2

Fri, Jan 27th 2017 6:48 pm by bizcor bizcor News and Announcements

Looking for a new place to own? Sunset Reality may have the keys to your next home or business opportunity! Take a look at the following amenities of a three bedroom, lakefront condo located in the Taney area to see where your next living situation or investment could be!

Lake Front Condo in the Taney Area

Located in Hollister, MO, this cozy 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home sits beautifully along the state park marina. The fully furnished home has master bedroom, a kitchen complete with a dining area, utility room, a living room, a master bathroom, and a guest bathroom. Dine in the kitchen on granite counters, take a bath in a jetted bath tub, or dress to success in your very own walk-in clos...

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5 Reasons Why Branson is the Best Place to Buy Your Next Home

Mon, Jan 9th 2017 2:15 pm by bizcor bizcor Branson Shows and Attractions

As the year commences and we begin to check things off of our “to-do” list of resolutions we want to work toward in the coming months, one of your goals might involve a change of pace in your living situation. Whether you feel stuck in a rut at your current place, you are looking to buy your first home, or you’re considering moving somewhere new for your family or your job, sometimes a change of scenery is all we need to jumpstart a new and exciting phase of our lives.

When you begin the process of searching for a new place to live, you’ll quickly find that there are a number of reasons why the city of Branson is a lovely locale to find your new home. Continue on to find out more about...

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Why Branson is a Great Place to Live During the Holidays

Tue, Dec 27th 2016 1:47 pm by bizcor bizcor Branson Area Lakes

To be honest, Branson is an amazing place to live year-round, but during the holidays, it truly shines! The snowy winterscape gives our hustling and bustling town the charming look of a cheerful village straight out of your favorite children’s book, with snow topped mountains standing guard in the background, Christmas lights twinkling on wood and stone houses, and residents and tourists smiling and waving as they pass each other in the streets, garbed in colorful winter coats. Postcard perfect, Branson is always breathtaking, but during the holidays, we can’t imagine wanting to be anywhere else but right here in the heart of the Ozarks.

More Than Just Breathtaking Landscapes


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Interested in Living Near Branson, Missouri? Check Out These Lovely Cities!

Fri, Dec 16th 2016 6:58 pm by bizcor bizcor Branson Homes and Real Estate

Sometimes, home buyers will find that even though they ideally want to live in their desired city, there are factors that cause them to fall in love with a nearby city instead. At Sunset Realty Services, we love our city of Branson, but we also understand that there are a few hidden gems situated close by that still provide home buyers with easy access to Branson, as well as a few extra perks. These cities include Ozark, Galena, Kirbyville, and of course, Springfield!


To give these cities the credit that they’re due, we’ve compiled a brief profile of each of the most popular cities to live in outside of Branson. Read on to learn more about these fantastic places!


Why These Citie...

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5 Ways to Winter-Proof Your Home in Branson, MO

Fri, Dec 9th 2016 5:50 pm by bizcor bizcor Branson Homes and Real Estate

Like most places across America, Branson has its fair share of extreme winter weather. And while the glittering white wonderland of snow is exquisitely gorgeous when you’re holed up inside the warmth and comfort of your home, your home can suffer from some serious damage if proper weatherproofing precautions aren’t taken for the winter season. Below, we’ve compiled a list of five key areas to check and repair before the winter snows come. Attend to these elements of your home for the winter; you will thank yourself later for saving yourself the hassle of costly emergency repairs! Read on to learn how to winter proof your Branson Home!

Fill in Cracks, Gaps, and Drafty Spots

Once you have...

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Neighborhood Spotlight: Stonebridge Village

Fri, Dec 2nd 2016 7:00 pm by bizcor bizcor Branson Homes and Real Estate

Are you the type of person that hardly ever finds it worth it to take their golf clubs out of their car? Do you eye the gloves sitting in your closet with temptation every time you get dressed for work? If this sounds like you and you’re looking for a new home in the Branson, MO area, then you should certainly consider the beautiful real estate inside Stonebridge Village, a premier gated golf community in southwest Missouri.

Golf at Home

The 18 holes that comprise Ledgestone Championship Golf Course are all within Stonebridge Village. That’s where you’ll also find the Ledgestone Pro Shop for all of your golf shop needs. There’s also a full practice ground, the 27,000-square-foot Ledgest...

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Best Restaurants in Branson MO | Restaurants To Visit | Sunset Realty

Fri, Nov 25th 2016 9:00 am by Grant Blanchard Local Favorites

Branson, MO Restaurants

There is so much to love about Branson, Missouri. It has been growing as fast as any other place in the country for a wide array of great qualities. For starters, it sits in a beautiful natural setting in southern Missouri, the weather is great, and the people are friendly. As more people have begun to call Branson home and make it a vacation destination, the cuisine throughout the city has gained new life and excitement. Today, you can find there are a variety of restaurants in Branson, MO, as diverse and delicious as anywhere. Here are some of the most notable restaurants in the city.

Danna’s Bar-B-Que & Burger

This place echoes the spirit of Branson as well a...

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Branson Tourism Continues to Grow

Wed, Nov 23rd 2016 5:26 pm by bizcor bizcor Branson Homes and Real Estate

Nestled in the Ozark mountain range of southwest Missouri, Branson got a rather humble start as an established city in the late 1800s. As more and more influential people began to take interest in developing the area over the decades, it slowly came to be recognized as a unique destination worth traveling to. Now, the vibrant town looks vastly different from its modest beginnings and caters to millions of visitors from all age groups every year, causing Branson tourism to continue to grow.


Branson’s Unique Charms


Though it is widely referred to as the family-friendly version of Las Vegas, Branson has its own special charm that many from all over the country are attracted to. Alo...

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Fun Things To Do in Branson MO | Things to Do By Sunset Realty Services

Fri, Nov 18th 2016 11:59 am by Grant Blanchard Local Favorites

The Best of Branson, MO’s Things to Do

Branson, Missouri is one of the fasted growing communities throughout the entire country. This is due to a blend of great qualities that the area boasts, such as its family friendly nature, beautiful scenic value, and the great real estate value. The number of things to do in Branson, MO is another reason this city is such a great place to live. This is a very brief description of some of the activities that visitors and locals alike get the most excited about.

Water Sports

Since Branson is directly adjacent to some of the most beautiful lakes in all of Missouri, it is the perfect place to get into some of the awesome lake leisure. At one of the t...

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Top Day Trips in Branson, Missouri

Mon, Nov 14th 2016 8:45 am by Grant Blanchard Branson Shows and Attractions

Top Day Trips in Branson, Missouri

There is enough within the Branson city limits to keep you busy for a long time. But if you are living in the city, it is good to know what you can find just outside of it so you can explore this beautiful part of the country. While there is much to do and see in Branson, the surrounding areas offer just as much excitement. Here are some of the best day trips that you can take just outside of Branson. 

Hit the Lake

Surrounding Branson, you will find some of the most beautiful lakes and surrounding areas in the country. While there are many, Table Rock Lake is the one that gets the most attention, as it is the biggest and most visited in the state. Jus...

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