Interior Updates That Can Boost Your Home Value

Interior Updates That Can Boost Your Home Value
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Our homes are potentially the largest investment we will ever make, and when you start to think about selling yours, you want to make sure your investment has worked well for you. And while your home is your pride and joy, there may be issues that will keep it from reaching its full potential. From color choices to clutter, buyers have trouble seeing past minor issues and may walk away, driving down the value. We at Sunset Realty Services, however, have compiled this guide to interior updates that will help boost your home’s value and make your home the most desirable one on the MLS!

Fresh Paint

Paint is the least expensive way of bringing your home into the new millennium, and although historically Realtors would suggest that you stick with white or beige, today’s new neutral is the chic tone of gray. Allowing color lovers a little more freedom while appearing cool and modern, a fresh paint job on the interior of your home retains 107% of its value, meaning you could earn back everything you invested in the paint and labor and garner a little extra in overall return on investment(ROI)!

Kitchen Remodels

Potential buyers see an outdated kitchen and tend to run, not walk, in the opposite direction! Mistakenly believing it could cost tens of thousands to re-do, most are not willing to take the risk, but with little effort and an 80% ROI, you’d be wrong to not try! A new coat of paint, new countertops, and new appliances can make all the difference, and if you have a membership to one of the popular warehouse clubs, you can afford to put high-end appliances in at the middle of the road cost!

Bathroom Remodels

No matter how clean you are, a dated bathroom will always appear dirty and unkempt to potential buyers, but a bathroom remodel is something that can be done on a budget as well, resulting in a 60% ROI. As with kitchen remodels, its not necessary to break the bank, but a new shower, bath, or both can make all the difference in your home’s value; add a fresh coat of paint, a new vanity, and for very little money you’ve created a room that appeals to buyers and raises the price of your home as well!

More That Can Help

From taking down personal pictures to opening your blinds during a showing, there are a variety of things you can do that will boost a buyer’s interest. The simplest tip is to retain the services of one of our Sunset Realty Services Licensed Realtors! We can make selling your home simple and profitable. Give us a call today and let’s start discussing how to make the most money from the sale of your largest investment!

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