Branson, MO Christmas

Christmas in Branson is unlike anywhere you’ve ever been during the holidays. The city of Branson takes a special sort of pride in being at least a partial source of your cheer. Even the biggest Scrooge will find something fun to do around town. These are three of the area favorites:

An Old Time Christmas Festival at Silver Dollar City

You’ll be convinced that you just walked into the North Pole while visiting Silver Dollar City during the months of November and December. During Branson, MO’s Christmas season the entire theme park takes on a gloriously presented holiday theme. Over five million Christmas lights brighten up Silver Dollar City, guiding your way to the various Broadway-style productions that will take place throughout the holiday months.

Hallmark Presents, Maxine’s Christmas Carol

This production is a unique take on the classic “A Christmas Carol.” Instead of featuring Ebeneezer Scrooge, however, the play introduces the audience to Maxine – the self-appointed Queen of Crabbiness. This Branson Christmas show is good for plenty of laughs and an interesting twist on Charles Dickens’ classic. Call the Andy Williams Performing Arts Center today to reserve your tickets or order your special family package.

Shepard of the Hills Trail of Lights

Your eyes will brighten up as you wind through the historic, 163-acre Shepard of the Hills Homestead Trail of Lights display. The famous “Trail that Nobody Knows How Old” takes you into a winter wonderland of holiday decoration and display. Each section of the trail has a different theme with life-size characters and housing that allows you to peak into the cheery gatherings taking place inside. The grand finale of the journey includes a trip up the Inspiration Tower. This glass elevator brings you up 230 feet into the air, allowing a view of the trail that normally only a reindeer could enjoy.

So what are you waiting for, come enjoy Christmas in Branson this year!

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