The Top Restaurants in Branson

Moving can be stressful. Not just the packing and unpacking, but everything that goes along with uprooting your family and transplanting to a new “pot.” No longer do you know the quickest route to your office, the quiet times at the grocery store, or even where to go for a really good dinner out after a long day on the job. Everything has changed and nothing is simple anymore—for the first few months, anyway. 

Fortunately, you have Sunset Realty Services on your side, and we consider it a part of our job to make the move as easy for you as possible. We’ve compiled this list of the top restaurants in Branson MO for your dining pleasure. Skip the unpacking for a night, put on your comfy pants, and head out for a delicious dinner cooked by someone other than you. You deserve it! 

McFarlain’s Restaurant 

Serving the kind of comfort food you remember from your youth, McFarlain’s dishes are the stuff dreams are made of! Creamy mashed potatoes, homemade pot roast, and crispy fried green tomatoes are just the start. The pies served here are so good, you might want to skip the meal and go straight to dessert! We recommend the Traffic Jam Pie; you won’t regret it! 3562 Shepherd of Hills Expressway, Branson. 

Cantina Laredo 

When you’re looking for some extra spice in your life, Cantina Laredo is the Branson restaurant for you! Serving fresh and delicious Mexican Meals seven days a week, we have yet to find a dish that we don’t love! And because you are in Branson, the guacamole is prepared table-side; dinner AND a show—who would have thought that could happen here? Located in Branson Landing.

The Wheelhouse Restaurant

Closed from December 10 through mid-March, the Wheelhouse is a local favorite, featuring a catfish buffet and their specialty, the Deep-fried Cheeseburger; don’t forget your cholesterol meds! Housed in a restaurant shaped like a ship, this Branson restaurant is perfect for the entire family! You can Drop Anchor at 3100 Green Mountain Drive seven days a week during its open season. 

Level 2 Steakhouse 

For those special occasions—you know, like when you’ve unpacked all the bathroom boxes from your move—Level 2 Steakhouse features the finest cuts of beef around (you HAVE to try the Ribeye!). Serving fine wines and tasty food in a quiet atmosphere that is the complete opposite of the chaos at home, this is our favorite fine dining restaurant in Branson MO! 200 East Main Street, Branson.

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