5 Tips to Protect Your Property’s Lawn During the Winter

5 Tips to Protect Your Property’s Lawn During the Winter
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Branson winters can pose a variety of difficulties. The good news is that with the proper preparation, these difficulties do not feel so difficult. Maintaining a healthy lawn is an area in which a little knowledge goes a long way. Here are some of the things that everyone in Branson should know when it comes to taking care of their lawn in the cold months.

Overseed Grass Before the Cold Really Kicks In

As the seasons change, you will find out if you have grass that thrives in the summer or winter. If you want your lawn to remain beautiful throughout the winter, it is important to overseed it with grass that thrives in the cold. Just before the heart of winter is the perfect time for overseeding because the leave-less trees allow for plenty of sunlight and many diseases are less active.

Avoid Mowing the Lawn

During the winter, it becomes unnecessary to mow your lawn at all. This is because the cold temperatures cause the grass to grow exponentially slower than in the summer. If you refrain from mowing the lawn, the energy within the grass is allocated to growing a stronger and deeper root structure, rather than growing blades of grass. This stronger root system will benefit your lawn during the winter and beyond.

Maintain a Clean Lawn

While you do not have to mow your lawn during the winter, it is important that you still keep it relatively free of debris. If you let organic debris build up on your lawn, it can hinder air flow to the grass and can result in large patches of dying grass, along with various types of mold. Spend a little time each week clearing debris. A little effort goes a long way here.

Try to Avoid Walking on Lawn

It might not be practical to completely avoid setting foot on your lawn, but you should minimize this activity as much as possible. Frozen grass does not have the same durability as grass in warmer temperatures, so walking atop it will cause the blades to break. This affects the look of the lawn today and for months to come.

Use the Right Fertilizer for Winter

You will want to use a winterizer fertilizer for your lawn during the cold months in Branson. The most important aspect of these fertilizers is that they are high in potassium content. This element goes a long way in strengthening the grass so it can handle the stress of winter.

Winter is a crucial time for lawn care because it affects the present state of your grass as well as the future state. A little effort goes a long way during Branson winters, so you will surely not regret it if you take the tips above to heart.

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