Home Staging Do's and Don’t's for Branson Real Estate

Home Staging Do's and Don’t's for Branson Real Estate
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Branson, Missouri is a home-hunters’ haven. Complete with great school districts, beautiful rolling hills and indoor/outdoor activities to keep you entertained year-round means there’s always a buyer looking for something new and different in Branson. If you’re in the market to sell, home staging is one of the best ways to give your house the fresh face that draws buyers in quickly. There are some simple, yet essential steps to take to get your home ready to show.

Don’t Over Decorate

While it’s easy to want to display your personal style habits, keep in mind that when you’re staging a home, you’re building an image of potential for someone else. Buyers want to come in and have the freedom to imagine their own lives in this new space. To help them do that, make sure to avoid excessive and non-essential décor. Just for the day remove the bright paintings and bold-print pillows. Minimizing stylistic distractions and maintaining an ultra-clean vibe allows visitors to find room for their own style within the walls.

Do Make Some Space

 Something as simple as pushing your couch and loveseat out towards the edges of the room can make a huge difference when it comes to staging how much space your home has available. In the name of comfort homeowners often go for plush furniture that ends up close together for social interaction. Home staging needs to set the scene for maximizing square footage. Show potential buyers just how big a room can really be by moving a few primary pieces around strategically.

Don’t Skip the Surface Level Shine

Before potential buyers can admire the exquisite interior staging you’ve mastered, they have to walk through the front door. More often than not homeowners who neglect the exterior of their home will find it takes longer to sell a property. Don’t skip shining up the outside of your house as this is the shining surface that buyers see first. Take time to mow the lawn, wash the windows and fix any small items that need repair for that aesthetically pleasing first impression.

Do Personalize your Dining Room Table

Just because you’re aiming for a staged home that comes across as clean-cut doesn’t mean it has to seem sterile. In fact, potential buyers are more likely to warm to the idea of a new home if they can see some evidence that it’s been lived in. The dining room tends to be the place families come together and adding a personalized touch to your central table can send the message that this home is filled with love. Something as simple as a lovely centerpiece or flowers placed in a hand-made vase will remind potential buyers that this is a home where people come first.

Selling Your Branson Real Estate with Style and Ease

Selling your Branson real estate is an exciting endeavor, but one that requires some savvy to accomplish quickly and confidently. When you’re looking to move into something new, let the experts at Sunset Realty Services help you get your current home into ready-to-sell shape. With a team of local experts excited to provide top-tier service in the city they love, you’ll receive professional assistance with just the right touch of customized style. Contact us today at (888) 991-1660 to start discussing plans for your home on the Branson housing market!

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