How To Determine The Value Of Your House The Correct Way | Sunset Realty

How To Determine The Value Of Your House The Correct Way | Sunset Realty
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 One day you may wake up and suddenly realize that the house you have lived in and loved for so long no longer fits your family like it used to. As you start having children and adding pets to the equation, that darling starter home just doesn’t have the room. Or, as you enter your golden years and your children start to leave the nest, you may discover there are entire sections of the home that you never visit. Whichever demographic you may fit into, now is the time to start thinking about buying a new home. Of course, you still need to sell the old one, and as part of that process, you need to determine just how much money you can get for it. Here’s a list of a few different ways in how to determine the value of your house.


Compare Similar Homes that are for Sale

The easiest, although maybe not the most accurate way of determining the value of your own home is to compare it with others that are for sale already. There are plenty of real estate sites online, so pick one, find three homes that are comparable in size and amenities to your own home, and come up with the average price of the three. Again, it may not be the most accurate, as location can be a prime factor in the value of a house, but this method is definitely worth using as a starting point.


Use the Valuation Tools from Real Estate Sites

Zillow seems to offer the easiest valuator, but it also can be the most controversial. With an error rating of 8% overall (higher in larger cities), this tool is best used to just get a general estimate. Using it, however, is simple: Type your address into the search bar, click enter, and in about three seconds you have an estimated value for your home.


Let Sunset Realty Services Do It for You

The simplest and most accurate way of determining your home’s value is by giving us a call. We make it our business to ensure your home’s list price will get you the maximum amount without staying on the market too long. Our expertise, coupled with our use of the Multiple Listing System, will ensure your house sells quickly, allowing you to move on to the next chapter in your life. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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