How to Keep Your Home in Tip-Top Condition During the Branson Summer

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If you’re like us, knowing summer is just around the corner gives you a thrill, as you picture days that begin early and end late, vacations in exotic places, barbecues on the weekends, and long expanses of time spent doing absolutely nothing. Nothing is more satisfying than an afternoon nap on an outdoor swing, feeling the breeze on your cheeks and listening to the merry chirps of the birds that make their homes in your trees as you slowly drift off to sleep. Life is better during the Branson summer, but if you’re a homeowner, there are some added responsibilities that you may have to take care of before you start doing nothing; we’re here to help you get those chores out of the way!


Change Your Air Filters


Summers are milder in Branson than in many other places, but there is enough heat and humidity that having an air conditioner can be a blessing as long as you keep up with the maintenance. Clogged air filters can lessen the ability to cool and increase the effort and expense of trying to do so. Changing the air filters every month can help keep your system operating at optimum performance. If you have a small family, however, changing them at the beginning of each season is enough.


Check Your Fire Extinguishers


This chore is important enough to perform on a monthly basis—not just in summer. Make sure you know where they are and that their pressure is good. If you use your Branson home as a summer rental, this is one chore you should perform after each tenant leaves and before the new ones arrive.


Inspect the Decks, Sidewalks, and Driveways


Winters in Branson can be harsh and can be the cause of deteriorating concrete and woodwork. You’re going to start spending more time outside now, so now is the time to make the repairs that guarantee you, your family, and visitors will have a safe, accident free summer!


Home Care Tips for While You’re Out There


How long has it been since you painted your house? If your paint is peeling, looking drab, and you are noticing areas on the wood trim that need repairs, it may be time to hire a painter. Prices are lower in the cooler months, so do this in the spring while it’s not as warm.


Prepare for the Big Move with Sunset Realty Services


Your family is expanding and your cute little starter house is bursting at the seams. Summer is the best time to make that big move, so what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment with us today to learn more home care tips and discover your future—your future home, that is!

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