How to Begin Real Estate Investing The Correct Way | Sunset Realty

How to Begin Real Estate Investing The Correct Way | Sunset Realty
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As we start to grow older, the reality of retirement looms great in our minds. We don’t want to struggle and scrimp, eating cat food and living in a studio apartment to survive; we want to be able to ENJOY our golden years. We want to travel and garden and eat at fancy restaurants. We want to be able to buy our grandchildren the things we never would have purchased for their parents when they were growing up. We want to go to sleep each night knowing the bills have been paid and there is excess food in our cupboards. And because the best way to ensure a bright future is to start now, and also because the easiest way to do so is by investing in real estate, it’s now time to learn how to begin investing in real estate.

It Takes Money to Make Money

Unfortunately, the old adage is true, so the best way to invest in the big stuff is to start cutting out the small stuff. Make your coffee at home, bring your lunches to work, and no one needs THAT many shoes. As time passes, with a little sacrifice and effort, you will be able to save up the money needed for investment purchases—not for repairs as much for the down payment. Investment properties tend to require between 15 and 25 percent down payments, which can’t be added into the loan.

Never Pay Full Price

Real estate investing in a home that has been foreclosed on is generally your best way to start. There may be a lot of work needed to be done, but the asking price is most likely going to be far below its value. You can always get a loan for more than what it costs you and use the extra for repairs and renovation.

Remember, It’s a Business

While we are on the topic, when it comes time to do the repairs and renovations, you may tend to feel as if you are on your own flipping show and start investing big money in luxury materials; DON’T DO THIS. You don’t have to go cheap and poor quality, but there are ways to improve a home without spending a ton of money. Investigate architectural salvage stores in Branson, do some of the simpler renovations yourself, and investigate the oops paint at your local hardware store.

Talk to People Who Know More Than You Do About Real Estate Investing

Sunset Realty Services has been the go-to real estate agency in the Branson area for more than a few years and we love to get a good deal for our clients! Give us a call today and we can schedule an appointment to discuss your investment needs and desires!

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