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Top 5 Relocation Tips | Sunset Realty
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It’s time. You’ve known this day would come. You’ve been planning on it for quite a while now, but somehow it still managed to surprise you. You’re down to the final days before the big relocation. Maybe you’re moving across the world and landing in Branson, maybe your Branson days have ended and your job is taking you to another state, or maybe you’re just moving to the next town; however your story is playing out, relocating can still be tough, and we’re here to help with these top five relocation tips.


Start Immediately

 It’s always easier to do a big job by doing a little bit at a time, and as soon as the final decision is made, make the first move. It can be a small one, such as looking at the tired coffee cup you’re holding in your hand and tossing it, knowing you do NOT want to pack that chipped, cracked, and stained thing. The important thing is you are moving forward!


Move Your Mouse

 No, we’re not talking about that critter in your 9-year-old son’s bedroom, we’re talking about the mouse on your computer. If you’re leaving Branson (we’ll miss you!), use the internet to start investigating neighborhoods, houses, and schools in your new one. It may be a good time to reach out to a real estate company in your new hometown. We work in association with realtors from all over the nation, so don’t be afraid to ask us for some names and numbers!


Begin the Purge

 We recommend going through old paperwork, old clothes, and old toys during the early stages, and then as time gets closer, you start getting more brutal! Garage sales and local charities can be your biggest friends when preparing for a move. Remember: What you don’t get rid of, you will be paying to move. Maybe this is the time to start pondering a simpler life?


Pack a Little at a Time

 Winter has just ended and you’re planning to be out of the house by summer, so it’s time to pack those winter clothes, Christmas decorations, and shovels and snowblowers today; you’re not going to need them until you reach your new place. Designate a box place in the garage, basement, or spare bedroom you never use and start packing and labeling.


Buying and Selling

 The timing on this part of relocation can be tricky. You don’t want to sell your current home too quickly and then risk having to live with your parents for months at a time, nor do you want to find a house in your new location too soon and deal with two mortgage payments for the undetermined future. This is the perfect time to give us a call and set up an initial appointment to discuss your options. Sunset Realty Services has been moving people for years; let us help you with your relocation needs with our variety of services!

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