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If there is anything we like here in the office it is good food fast and Moe's Southwestern Grill is quickly becoming one of our new favorites. 

Moe's is known for their joyous welcome, massive burritos, and all natural products they use in their delicious food! So not only is it delightfully tasty, it's healthy for you too! They have so many different items you can put in a burrito there is something for everyone to love, and if your not sure about some of the foods, they have all of their nutrition and allergy information online and in the store. Already less expensive than some of their competitors they even include chips and salsa with every meal. With all natural and chips and salsa they have stolen our vote for quick Tex-Mex.

Working in an office sometimes it can be hard for all of us to leave and take a lunch, so one person picking something up is fairly common, but that can be a pain because you have to get everyone's order and money. Plus if they all have credit cards then you have to do multiple orders. which doesn't usually make the cashier happy (never a good idea in a small town). However at Moe's you can order and pay online and have one person go pick it up! Yet another reason they have stolen our hearts and stomachs from the other fast food joints!

A tip for the locals, if the Strip is busy take Green Mountain Dr! You can get to Moe's without getting stuck in traffic. ;)

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