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Your list regarding what you are looking for in the perfect house is a long one, but when you think you have finally found the one that checks off all or most of your must-haves, it’s time to pounce! This might be the home of your dreams, and once your offer has been made and accepted, you will be on your way to your own happily ever after! But before you get too attached, there’s another list you may want to start making—one that’s important to your safety, happiness, and bank account. Checking off items on your home inspection checklist will ensure that your dream doesn’t turn into a nightmare!

What is a Home Inspection?

Generally done after an offer has been extended and accepted but before closing date, a home inspection helps to ensure there are no hidden surprises after closing day has passed and the home becomes yours. Performed by a licensed and professional Home Inspector, a thorough inspection can take more than a few hours and involves inspecting everything from the foundation to the roof. You’ve already fallen in love with the aesthetic aspects of your dream home; now’s the time to decide if this is a forever love or an infatuation that will quickly burn out once you discover that the roof is falling in and the basement stopped supporting the upstairs decades ago!

What Parts of the Home are Inspected?

The list varies from inspector to inspector and state to state, but a thorough inspection should cover foundations, roofs, attic spaces and basements, garages, and porches and balconies. On the exterior, sidewalks, driveways, gutters, stucco and/or paint will be examined, as well as doors and windows. The hidden features of a home are the ones that are the most important and include plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. Licensed inspectors are trained in discovering problems in all areas, making them one of the most important aspects of your home buying team.

What Isn’t Covered in a Home Inspection?

Again, this part varies from inspector to inspector, but in most cases landscape issues, sprinkler systems, and any hardscape items (gazebos, pergolas, and sheds) will not be inspected. Pool equipment, sewer lines, internet service, fireplaces and chimneys, and anything covered by carpet or snow will not be examined (flooring and roofs, for example). Pest infestations aren’t covered in the home inspection, so you may want to invest in an extermination service that will offer inspections, just to be safe.

It’s in Your Best Interest

The home inspection is one thing you will never regret spending a little more money on, and when we sell you your dream home, we can talk about this in more detail! Give our Licensed Realtors a call today and let’s get the search started! Book one of our amazing vacation rentals in Branson today!

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