Baba’s Burgers and Gyros – Branson, MO Dining

Before the theaters were built, and even before the dams were built that created the three big lakes in Branson, times were simpler. Entertainment meant sitting out on your back porch with a glass of sweet tea as you watched the sun set in a glorious ball of color. Family time was spent playing board games in front of a roaring fire on cold winter nights. And while there probably weren’t any restaurants for dining out—times were tough and money was short—the meals created by young mothers and wives were simple and hearty ones meant to nourish and sustain. Today, if you want to find that same Branson, MO dining simplicity without spending time in the kitchen you visit our favorite spot: Baba’s Burgers and Gyros.

Located at 1412 MO-76

Their mission is simple: to fill your stomach with high quality food as they offer the highest quality service. Their menu is simple, filled with burgers, gyros, chicken dishes, and Greek garlic fries (we highly recommend the Greek garlic fries!). You’re not going to find small portions of meals with crazy names (Oyster foam with scallion tofu anyone? Not in this restaurant!), but what you are going to find are the same simple values that you find at the heart of any Bransonite.

Not to Say They Don’t Have a Wild Side!

Simple doesn’t have to mean bland and ordinary; it just means the food is prepared with ingredients that are fresh and easily pronounceable, such as the elk or buffalo cheeseburger that can be found on Baba’s menu. Buffalo meat is lower in fat than a traditional burger, but still juicy and delicious. Vegans who still like the idea of a burger without the killing of the animal can enjoy a giant veggie burger with all the fixings and keep their conscience free of guilt, while kids of all ages can enjoy an American favorite not often found in restaurants these days: the corndog! For simplified Branson, MO dining, visit Baba's Burgers and Gyros!

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