Danna’s BBQ & Burger Shop – Dining in Branson, MO

For many of us, nothing signifies the American way of life more than a good old-fashioned barbecue. Ribs, chicken, steaks, even hot dogs and hamburgers are better tasting when they’ve got a touch of char going for them. The problem is, in today’s busy world, the many steps involved in a good barbecue mean we most often go without. Boiled hotdogs are ok in a pinch, right? Of course they aren’t! When you move to Branson, you can have all the tasty goodness of barbecue food without investing much time—or any effort—into the meal. Just go to Danna’s BBQ & Burger Shop!

Located at 963 State Highway 165 & 15 Hope Way in Branson West

Danna has been offering her homemade goodness in Branson since 2001 when she decided the best way to make time for her new baby was to open her own restaurant and bring the child with her. Having spent her own childhood years hanging out at the counter at her aunt & uncle’s barbecue joint, she knew she was making a good decision, and we are so glad that she did!

Featuring the Traditional & Unusual

The food served at Danna’s will feed your soul as it fills your belly! Barbecue machos, created with your choice of meat, melted cheddar, BBQ beans, jalapeño poppers, and sour cream will have you looking at your traditional nachos with disdain. Pulled pork that is tender and juicy, burgers topped with the freshest of ingredients, and a fried catfish plate that tastes every bit as good as the ones you make yourself are all found here. If you were seriously considering boiling some hotdogs and considering it a meal, we’re going to bet you’ve changed your mind now!

Dining in Branson, MO offers tons of unique flavors and styles. For even more delicious meals, check out some of our other favorite spots below!

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