Dobyn’s Dining Room at the Keeter Center – Dining in Branson

Have you ever eaten at a restaurant and enjoyed a meal that is so wonderful you’ve asked yourself “how did they think to mingle all those ingredients together and come up with such a great taste?” The truth of the matter is even though we do it every day, cooking is a science, and those who do it for a living go to school to learn how that science works. And while cooking for classmates and professors is a great way to learn how to mix the ingredients, the only way to learn to run or work in a restaurant is to actually run one, allowing the public to enjoy great food at reduced prices while learning the skills necessary to enjoy their future successes. This is where Dobyn’s Dining Room at the Keeter Center comes into play!

Located at 1 Opportunity Avenue

Isn’t that a great address for a school? The chef’s, managers, wait staff, and bus staff at Dobyn’s Dining Room are all students who work very hard at their craft and succeed beyond our wildest expectations. Eager and excited at the fact that they are about to realize their life dreams, they still manage to produce mouthwatering meals every visit we make; we think you will feel the same way too!

There’s Not a Lot of Tables

The setting at Dobyn’s remains intimate, and reservations are required. Serving lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch, the variety of food on their menu will surprise you. Appetizers like fried green tomatoes and smoked catfish cakes sit alongside main dishes such as meatloaf mignon and pork Pomodoro. They also have unique and traditional lunch specials, like sweet tea grilled chicken salad and the Alumni Burger, served on a brioche bun. Meals here are seasoned not just with spices, but with the hopes and dreams of a young cook aspiring to be the top in his or her field, and you get to help with their journey!

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