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In the early days of Branson, chances are when you were hungry, you would have to settle for burgers, barbecue, or comfort food like your grandma used to make, and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, variety is important in life. Today, your restaurant selections have grown exponentially! Vegetarians can easily find vegetarian meals that are both tasty and healthy, people with gluten allergies have a wide selection of gluten-free menus to choose from, and people who like to step out to their comfort zone just a bit have restaurants like Vasken’s Deli. Vasken’s isn’t your ordinary deli selling pastrami sandwiches stacked high on delicious rye bread, although they do offer the pastrami! Vasken’s is a Mediterranean style deli that features fresh, healthy, and oh so delicious epicurean delights from that sunny part of the world!

Located at 3200 Gretna Road

The owners of Vasken’s have been in busy since the 80s, taking a chance in 1997 and moving their shop to Branson and becoming such a success that in 2014, they opened a second shop in Springfield. They are also a market, allowing you the opportunity to cut some expenses and purchase items to prepare in the privacy of your own home. Many of our available Sunset Realty Services properties come with gourmet kitchens that take the chores out of making a meal!

The Food

Offering typical Mediterranean appetizers like hummus and baba ganoush, their hot sandwiches menu offers a killer gyro, and as stated previously, a pastrami and cheese, although their version is served on a whole-wheat sub! Offering unusual items on their cold sandwich menu—just mention the curried chicken salad and we start salivating—and a substantial vegetarian and salad menu as well, whatever your taste, you are going to find something that suits it here!

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