Level 2 Steakhouse – Restaurants in Branson, Missouri

Moving to a new town often means not knowing which restaurant is the best for Sunday morning brunch versus which one you visit on special occasions—you know, like birthdays, anniversaries, or Wednesday nights when you have worked so hard you deserve a hearty meal and a nice glass of wine to help you forget that the week is only half over! Fortunately, you chose Sunset Realty Services for your real estate needs and you don’t have to stumble about blindly in your search for a nice dinner spot; you just need to visit our website and all will be revealed, including Level 2 Steakhouse, where the atmosphere is reminiscent of the golden era when the Rat Pack ruled Vegas and the steaks are so thick, juicy, and hearty, you’ll be asking for a doggie bag long before the meal stops tasting good!

Located at 200 East Main Street in the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel

Level 2 Steakhouse offers a dining experience, not just a meal. Your bride of 50 years will look as fresh and beautiful as the day you married her when sitting across from you, sipping her red wine as you reminisce about the days when you couldn’t afford a place as nice as this. Flickering candles, the quiet murmurings of the other patrons enjoying their meals, white tablecloths, black and white photographs of Frank Sinatra laughing over a private joke he is sharing with Sammy Davis Jr. A visit to Level 2 Steakhouse is a visit back in time.

Only the Best Cuts of Beef

28-day aged corn fed beef, fresh produce purchased from local growers, seafood flown in from Hawaii every other day, and your choice of steak knives—every part of your meal has been thought out and well-planned to ensure you have an elegant and restful dining experience. Just a warning: one bite of the ribeye and you will be spoiled against all other steakhouse meals—even your own steaks you grill for special occasions!

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