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As Branson grows, so does the number of dining establishments. No one wants to cook every meal every day, and we want to ask, why should you? You have a life that is full and hectic, and sometimes you want to sit down and eat a meal that someone else has prepared—and that someone else will clean up after! This is especially nice when you are still unpacking from the big move to your new hometown. Even though the kitchen in your new home makes it easy to prepare gourmet home cooked meals, you deserve a break. You deserve a visit to Billy Gail’s Café, where the food is plentiful and hearty and tastes just like the meals your grandma prepared for you as a child!

Located at 5291 State Highway 265

The first thing you will notice when you walk in the door is the wonderful aroma of home cooked food; the second will be the smiles. From the hostess who greets you to the waitress who seats you to the tables filled with happy guests, everyone has a smile on their face, because contrary to what you might have heard before, THIS is the happiest place on earth! When you sit down at the red checked cloth covered tables, you immediately become a member of the family, and you also begin planning your next visit—this place is that good!

Open Every Day from 7AM – 2PM

In our families, Sunday mornings meant a trip to church, and then Sunday brunch at our favorite restaurant afterward. Today, you can continue that tradition at Billy Gail’s. With pancakes the size of pizzas, homemade biscuits that are flaky and buttery, and good old farm eggs fresh from the chicken, there isn’t a way to order incorrectly; everything is fresh, home-made, and mouthwateringly delicious!

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Schedule an appointment with us today and discover the wonder that is Branson, Missouri restaurants and the unbelievably fluffy pancakes from Billy Gail’s; they are good enough to mention twice! For even more delicious eats, check out the spots below:

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