Retire In Branson | Find Out Why Everyone Else is Doing It| Sunset Realty

Retire In Branson | Find Out Why Everyone Else is Doing It| Sunset Realty
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 While retirement is a long time coming relief for some, there are others who may be filled with uncertainty as it approaches. What am I going to do with my time? Where am I going to live? Well, allow us to hopefully help put some of your worries to rest and recommend somewhere you may not have considered retiring to: Branson, Missouri! There are a number of amazing benefits as to why you should retire in Branson and today we’ll go over the top five reasons why you should retire in Branson: 

The Weather is Amazing! 

You’ve worked hard for your retirement, so why would you possibly want to spend it in a place where the weather can be brutal? Sure, millions of people each year retire to locations like Arizona or Florida, but does 95% humidity or 120-degree summertime temperatures sound fun? Of course not! This is why Branson is such an appealing place to retire, as we experience comfortably mild weather with distinct changes of season! With average temperatures during the winter months hovering around 40 degrees and summer months hovering anywhere between the mid 80’s to low 90’s, there are few retirement locales with better weather than Branson! 

No Shortage of Entertainment 

Sure, there are some who would prefer to move somewhere for their retirement to spend all day every day relaxing at home, but for those looking to get out and live life, Branson is perfect! Branson is home to a wide variety of amazing live entertainment and shows all throughout the year, and it guarantees there will be no shortage of things to do to get you out of the house and enjoying your retirement with some good ol’ fashioned fun!  

World Class Golf Courses! 

I know many of you have shared the dream of spending your days in retirement on the greens playing golf every day, and here in Branson you’ll find no shortage of amazing courses! Branson is home to some of the finest golf in the entire Midwest, and our town is home to 9 different courses! Whether you’re looking to play championship style 18-hole golf at Pointe Royale or go for a quick trip on the 9-hole, par-3 course at Don Gardner, there’s truly something for every golf fan! 

Affordable Living 

Compared to many different places many choose to retire to, Branson remains high on many people’s list of desired destinations due to its incredibly affordable housing! Currently, the average median home cost in the United States stands around approximately $216,000, while the median home cost in Branson is only approximately $137,000! This means you can easily find and afford the home of your dreams to spend your retirement in if you choose to retire in Branson! 

Easy to Get Around 

When people used to hear the name Branson, one of the first things that would come to mind is: “Isn’t that out in the middle of nowhere?” Well, over the years an incredible effort has gone into making traveling to and from Branson easier, culminating with the opening of the Branson Airport in 2009. Now Branson is as accessible as ever and getting here has never been cheaper or easier! 

Branson is an amazing place to live and a city we are proud to call home, and we know that if you make the decision to retire here in Branson, you won’t be disappointed! When you’re ready to make the move, give us a call and we’ll find you the beautiful home you deserve! 

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